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Meeting Avadhoot Anna Maharaj – Part 3 (All our 3 visits to him included)

From here we drove straight towards Goa. Again, exactly at noon hour we happened to reach Pinguli, the ashram of Avahoota Anna Maharaj. Now, if you remember in part 1, i had mentioned of how we had passed this ashram but not stopped for lunch here but instead drove to a hotel and ate food there. This... Continue Reading →

Avadhoota Pragasa of Swami Malai, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu

In the month of November 2019, we had a long trip to Tiruvannamalai, Pondicherry, Tanjavur, Mayiladuthurai, Tiruvadaduturai, Vadalur, and Kumbakonam. It was all with Swami Vijayananda of Nityananda Ashram at Belgaum and Swami Shivananda of Australia, who had arrived in India for his month-long meditation. There were others with Swamiji including Sandeep ji and Priya... Continue Reading →

Aum Amma of Kerala

Avadhoota AUM Amma is always in Eternal Bliss, in Bhava Samadhi. You must have heard what Satchidananda is, but here is a Mystic who remains in that state always. She became known as AUM Amma because of the symbol AUM appearing on her forehead when she is merged in Divine Consciousness. Avadhoota Aum Amma is... Continue Reading →

Stay in an ashram (Sogal) – 1

Reader's discretion advised: This article was written to share my personal experience with yet another Yogi at one point in my life. Every bit of it is written with honesty and there is no exaggeration of anything in here. If you feel this topic or article is something related to imaginations, hallucinations, co-incidences, etc then there... Continue Reading →

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