The Land of Lord Parshurama (North Goa)

Had a day last week in Goa and we friends, as usual, decided to move to a place that was pending from the past two years. Perne in North Goa which had a Jeeva Samadhi of a great Siddha. Invoking our Gurudev, as we began, we were wondrously guided to many other marvelous locations, which later... Continue Reading →

Siddharbetta (Hill of Siddhas)

We planned to utilize a weekend by visiting Siddhara Betta in Tumkur which is about 70 kms from Bangalore. Siddhar Beta, meaning "Hill of Siddhas" in Kannada, is the place where thousands of holy Siddhas did tapas and attained liberation. This place is believed to be still having Siddhas both in physical and astral form. Soon three... Continue Reading →

Divine Land of Ganeshpuri

Note: All views are entirely the personal views of the author and is an open expression of sharing the journey with those who enjoy similar experiences. Reader's discretion is advised.Ganeshpuri has been and will always be a special place for me for it is from this land i started my spiritual journey. It was to... Continue Reading →

Shirdi, Kokamthan, Shani Shinganapur

Just two days before leaving for the planned Shirdi trip, i casually mentioned to Vijayanand Swami at his ashramthat i would be going to Shirdi. He immediately asked me to meet Janglidas Maharaj, whose ashram is only 3 km ahead of Shirdi. Saying so, he called up the ashram to enquire if Maharaj was in the ashram. As he kept... Continue Reading →

Ganeshpuri & Pune

The tour to certain parts of Maharastra were planned to be during these days of December because this is the only time of the year when work is less for us. Me and KP (Krishnaprasad) finally implemented the plan that was carved out long back. Time was less and we had four days. KP left... Continue Reading →

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