You know what cost Jesus his life?

His teaching about the external and internal temples.

Jesus once entered the temple of God. He found that the place of prayer and meditation had slowly turned into a place of business. He was angered. He rebuked openly the business in the temple. He entered the temple furious on how dare people make business in the house of his Father, in the temple of worship and prayers. He overturned their tables and threw them out and cleaned the temple.

Jesus knew well what it would cost him to do something like that. He indicated to his disciples “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” People wondered how a temple that took 46 years to build can be rebuilt in 3 days, but Jesus was meaning towards his body. Exactly after this incident, the people who were threatened by the man of truth, began plotting for the death of Jesus.

In today’s world also the temple of God and hermitages wants only rupees and dollars. It will honour the men of power and wealth and discard those who have nothing. It will seek what a visitor has brought with him and if it is gold, money and material, they will be worshiped before the very God itself. Those who have nothing have no business in there. God once used to be sitting there because that was a place where once gathered people of heart, kindness, love and divinity, those who strived to be in the presence of the Lord and commune with Him. But when slowly in the temple of God when wealth and people began to be worshipped more than God itself, the times had changed. God began missing his dear ones. He thus left the temple out in search for those were searching Him. That is why an Avdhoota once said when he saw how the powerful manage to rush in through the crowd to the Samadhi of his Guru, “Bhagwan is not there anymore. When people run in to see him, He runs out. He is sitting out with the poor.”

When businesses begin in the temple of God, all that will be left will be only concrete buildings because the Lord has no business in the place of business, for his sole business is to be with those have no business in the business of the businesses.Truly Rumi said, “I looked in temples, churches and mosques, but I found the Divine within my heart.”

78832276_2580520372069024_1402094886982778880_nIn all my travels I notice these. Not all places are contaminated yet but surely are getting influenced by the change of the Yugas. Some places are still having the wholesome presence of the Divine because of their sanctity and purity. So does my own temple too. How perfectly Jesus explained about the inner and outer temple. The external temples need someone as courageous as Jesus to cleanse it. So also our inner temples need our own courage to cleanse, purify and sanctify it. In both the external and internal temple one thing is sure – that God resides only where there is purity.

Thus spake Bade Baba (Bhagwan Nityananda) “Nirmal Mann, Nishchal Mann, Vishal Mann. Sab Mitti hai.” (Pure mind, unwavering mind, vast mind. Finally – Everything is dust.)

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