Meeting Avadhoot Anna Maharaj – Part 3 (All our 3 visits to him included)

From here we drove straight towards Goa. Again, exactly at noon hour we happened to reach Pinguli, the ashram of Avahoota Anna Maharaj. Now, if you remember in part 1, i had mentioned of how we had passed this ashram but not stopped for lunch here but instead drove to a hotel and ate food there. This time again i insisted that we eat at the ashram of Anna Maharaj but my friends said that it would not be appropriate to go that way into the ashram without notice and eat. He was concerned that the ashram might not have enough food and will be put to inconvenience because of us.  So, we again ended up in the same hotel we had eaten exactly 24 hours ago. After having food, we reached Anna Maharaj’s ashram and parked the car. i enquired with the ashramites if the Avadhoota was there in his room and they said yes he was. We brought few offerings for the Avadhoota. This divine trip had all happened due to this huge divine error of mistaking Feb 13 for March 13 (read in part 1)

As we were happily about to enter, the boy serving Maharaj upstairs came down and close the gates to his room. We were not very happy for this. Somehow the Avadhoota did not want to meet us this time. We sat there for sometime but nothing. So i thought that we must communicate to him through our meditation and take his leave. So we meditated. In my deepest thoughts and expanded consciousness of divine love and light, i sent him heartfelt prostrations and permission to leave with his grace. Just then, the boy came and opened the gates and said we could meet him! My heart was very joyful and we hurried upstairs to find him sitting exactly like Swami Samartha, with just a piece of cloth around his waist and staring at us sternly. We all touched his feet and sat down. He did not speak for a while but was just in silence. We too sat in silence. Then a strange thing happened. Anna Maharaj called one of us towards him with hand motion. My friend walked to him. He caught his head and gave him a loud pat on his back and looked into his eyes and said something that shocked us all pleasantly. He said, “Whenever you come here to my ashram, you must eat here….” We had eaten food both times in a hotel and he knew! He continued, “Even if you come at night 2 am you will get food here….. if you come at 4 am you will get….. if you come at 5 am you get…. anytime you come, you will get….. understand?… Yes, many people come here…. park their vehicles and eat food and go like a hotel… no food for them here… you are all sadhaks, and you will always have food here…. get that?” My friend nodded and we all with our surprised wide eyes and grin on our faces looked at each other. There is nothing that can be hidden from the Mahatmas.

Anna Maharaj was in a good mood this time. Last time he spanked many of us with his stick. This time just a few strokes here and there. Below is the video of our first visit to Anna Maharaj.

This time, except us, there was noone and Anna Maharaj gave us the blessing of being for more than 2 hours with him. He treated us with tea. His health was not in good condition but not an ounce of it was seen on his expressions. He talked anything and everything that came to his mind, often in code words or things that had no absolute sense to the logic terms, but still were relevant. At one instance he yelled at me to get him something that was in one of his little bag. When i went and took it out, it was a chain of gutkas kept there. i hesitated to give  the deadly material to him and he growled angrily at me and the very next moment smiled in the deepest of love, but he insisted to give him his gutka. The packet was opened and given to him which he popped into his mouth and sat chewing. On asking about Bhagwan Nityananda, he spoke a little bit about him and his Guru. Then he told Bhagwan’s idol is also there downstairs. That is one place i love to meditate for that idol is kept in the room of his Guru where his Guru Raul Maharaj’s bed is also there.

Finally, when it was time to leave, he indicated that we leave but constantly reminding that we come for his birthday and giving us an invitation too. We honestly opened up to him that we are fully aware of that date, but by error we ended up coming this month than the next. He never showed any reaction to what we said and simply said, “Come on March 13. These people have arranged a play based on the life of my Guru and me…” Then he laughed and said, “The guy who played the role of Swami Samartha (a hit Marathi movie) is playing my role…” i thought in my mind that it is totally justified because just today this thought had come to him after seeing him sitting, that he resembled Swami Samartha. He continued, “Come on March 13th. After program leave, don’t stay…” i had a strange feeling of his so much insistence on his birthday, was a probable hint towards his last birthday. On our last visit, we had learnt that Anna Maharaj had already ordered construction of his Samadhi, which was later shown to us by one of his devotee. (can be seen in the video above). Taking his leave and blessings we left back for Goa. This divine trip ended here with all these mystical happenings and unfoldment of many things that i cherish and hold and share with the world about the mystical lives of the mystics.

However, since our 3rd visit to Anna Maharaj a month later was in connection to this trip, i would continue about that trip here.

The date was approaching and we all were quite busy in our lives, however this date hankered somewhere in the back of our minds, especially because Anna Maharaj had specifically told in both our previous visits. Something or the other came up and we all found it difficult to be able to meet up again on March 13th. I was in Karjat ashram on March 9th to celebrate the Holi Day which is also celebrated as Shivanand Day as on this holy day our Master was born. After the Holi night in Karjat ashram, we trekked  the next day the holy mountain of Bhimashankar to visit the Jyotirlinga. It was a full day of trekking on foot. After returning, i checked for all possibilities to go to Pinguli or Kudal where Anna Maharaj’s ashram was there, but no trains or buses were available from Karjat. Finally, losing hope, i mentioned to my Goa friends that i would not be able to make it. They also said that their possibility was grim. So i wanted to return home to Belgaum and the closest train i could get from Karjat was till Kolhapur. I booked it, hoping to visit the Mahalaxmi shaktipeetha temple there and then take a bus to Belgaum. Then something mysterious happened.

Last time while i was in Mahalaxmi temple, i had missed visiting the Navnath temple, which is believed to be one of the Nath’s Samadhi place too. At the same place Lord Dattatreya is beloved to have given darshan to Gorakshnath. After taking darshan of the divine Mother inside, i went straight to the Nath temple and sat for meditation. After getting up, i was walking towards the exit when i saw few people hurrying across me. To see whom they were hurried moving towards i turned and looked and saw an old lady. People were falling at her feet and she kept mumbling something. Immediately i knew this was a mystic. I too approached here. When i was close to touching her feet, she looked into my eyes and said in Marathi with a smile, “Hey how are you.” I responded in Marathi, “Am good mother…” and touched her feet. She then pointed to the Garbagraha and said something like… “everything is taken care of by here….” Then she moved away hurriedly. i immediately took some videos of her, not to miss this opportunity, which am sharing below.

After that i headed happily to the Kolhapur busstand to take a bus back to Belgaum. It was just a 2 hour ride. But i was feeling very bad that i could not make it to Kudal. Then something more beautiful happened. After a short breakfast at the bustand, i went to take a bus to Belgaum and there was standing a bus to Kudal! It was supposed to leave after 2 hours but it was a direct bus to Kudal. It only meant that i would be reaching Kudal by 3 or 4 pm and Anna Maharaj’s ashram is only 15 mins by auto from Kudal. And the program was anyways at 7 pm. Yippe! I took that bus and informed others knowing that they would not be making it anyways. But to my utter surprise by the time i reached Kudal the other 3 members also found it surprising that their work was also to be done and all of them could meet by evening. This was something wowie for me, for in this visit, actually many more members were planning to join the visit, but at the last moment we found exactly the same four of us (who had met Anna Maharaj in both our first two totally unplanned trips) met again! This is what i call as rhuna bandh of a place or person. If there is a pending karmic debt between you and a person or place, it shall happen, come what may!

i reached Kudal by 3 pm and took an auto straight to the ashram of Anna Maharaj. When i reached i saw it was begging to crowd up. Thousands were expected. This is something i am not too fond of but since it was a call, i had to be through it. For one moment i thought let me go and meet Anna Maharaj but seeing his room upstairs heavily guarded by devotees, i knew that this time it would not be a possibility meet him personally. Anyways, i consoled my mind on how i had been fortunate in the first two visits and so this should not really matter. i then went to the room below where the idol of Bhagwan Nityananda is, and fell into meditation for about 2.5 hours. When i was alert i noticed it was about 6 pm. The program was to start at 7 pm and my Goa friends also were expected sooner or later to arrive. So i took my luggage and thought of going and visiting Anna Maharaj’s Guru’s samadhi but giving a glance at his room upstairs and still seeing a lot of crowd, i moved to his Guru’s samadhi.

Next what happened jolted me again. There was absolutely no crowd at his Guru (Raul Maharaj’s) samadhi. So i calmly walked it and what i see! Anna Maharaj was lying down there on the floor! Just on a plain carpet he was lying down there with his eyes closed. i dropped my bag and went and touched his feet There were only two disciples around and they didn’t say anything. I kept my head on his feet. His eyes were still closed but i was 100% sure he was aware of everything. He gave he his darshan again! With tears in my eyes and not knowing what was happening i went and meditated at his Guru’s samadhi.

When i came out, he was still lying there having changed his position. i then went out and sat, completely contented with this visit too.

Soon the program began and Anna Maharaj was brought out on the chair to be seated and watch. His health was not good. Soon all my Goa friends arrived. Hundreds of people were continuously visiting him, wishing him, etc and how i had expected that he would be just like a nice birthday boy enjoying all the attention … totally wrong. he was spanking people even more hard that day. Almost everyone who touched his feet got a whack from him either by hand or by his stick. Some he just smiled at. Some no reaction. Some he ignored. Some he talked to. Some he laughed and fondly touched their faces. The Avadhoota, from the last visit, i had noticed was having difficulty moving around. This time he was fully being through with physical support of his devotees. Since the public gathering was huge and would not fit into the ashram compound, they had arranged the whole events to be performed on an open ground besides the ashram with a large pandal covering the area. All the crowd was there, while for Anna Maharaj’s ease, a LCD screen was arranged for the relay of the event right into the ashram compound where about 50 chairs were laid. Only those who were meeting him were in this space, the rest were in the open ground. i preferred to sit with a chair pulled around the fig tree under which he sat, probably about 20 feet from him. Was watching him and also in a deep silence amidst all that noise, but i happily sat glued there from about 7:30 to midnight.

Once in between about 10 pm, he insisted to the taken to the stage on the open ground. Soon devotees arranged for a chair and carried him to the ground. i went too. He was alighted on the stage where he suddenly burst out in high-pitched voice a few abuses and then he spoke very emotional words for about 20 minutes in Marathi. He insisted that people have thought wrong about him. He mentioned that noone knows that he doesn’t yell or beat the person but that bad which is there in the person, and thus how people think that he is a dirty man. He spoke about the indifferences that humans have with each other, the hatred, the jealousy, the competition, etc and how hardly anyone thinks of improving himself but wants to always change others. He expressed his immesene love for all those who love him so much and said that he will always continue loving them. There were many more things he said, which i immediately began recording. I did not want to lose this speech of his, which is such rare and had so much depth but then it had lot of abuses and odd revelations about people, so i was skeptic about how would i ever share this. But never the less it was a priced recording for atleast myself, if not public. So i recorded the whole thing.

All this while, he had to be supported by people around him for he was almost dropping. When he finished, he motioned to be taken down. Devotees helped him get off the stage, but then i could see how he was often spanking them also. None ever minded what he did. He came through the entire crowd who waited for him to pass through with the support of people on both his sides. Then what i saw again perplexed me. From the ground back to his chair in the compound of the ashram is about 50 meters. He suddenly shouted at the people holding him and just lifted his resting hands from their shoulder and began walking alone. They tried to help him but he shouted back not to touch him. From there i saw him walk without any support with full energy. His eyes were bulged and angry and he walked alone till his chair though his devotees gave extra care to ensure he walks safe. After him sitting back on his chair, he remained calm and silent watching the play of his Guru leela on the LCD screen. i took back my same position as before and sat in his aura. i began uploading the videos to my youtube account and kept it private as record just ensuring that even if the videos are deleted on my cell phone the copy remains on youtube. After double checking all videos were safely uploaded privately on youtube, i deleted the huge videos to make space for more videos. By the time it was midnight and people gathered back around him to celebrate. He remained untouched any anything or anyone, continuing blessing people in his own mystical ways. He then took the mic again and spoke erratically. He also added towards the end that he would not go so soon and the love of his few dear ones keep him in his body and he will extend it for longer time. People were happy to hear that and cheered. It was 1 a.m. by the time everything was over. We friends quickly moved to the prasad area to have a quick meal and leave. We had to drive back to Goa the same night.

After our meal we touched his feet and left. He was still sitting still on his chair. i felt emotional. Soon Ram bhai was speeding over highway along with Pratap bhai, Shyam bhai and myself. By the time we reached Goa it was about 3:30 am. i had an early 6 a.m. train to Belgaum. So we felt there was no point in resting for an hour or two and then they having to drop me to the railway station. So we decided to go straight to the railway station. There we spent out time talking and having morning chai till it was about 5 a.m. We departed being deeply contented with this trip.

After they left, i was still thinking to myself was it right to record that speech since i wondered where will the regular world even understand what it is all about? Will it be misinterpreted? Will it be hurting to the ones whom he spoke about? But then my mind justified that so many were recording it and that it was a public event. But i had convinced myself i will never share it but keep it only for my reference. Back in Belgaum, i opened the recordings and was shocked to see none existed. i had doubly checked the two long video recordings were successfully uploaded and kept them private but now it was not there! i struggled searching it for sometime before finally realising that it was supposed to be that way. Immediately that disappointed vanished.

Never did i want to write about this article, which is why it was never shared, but today since waking up at 2 a.m.  i have been writing about the whole trip. Had my breakfast and returned to completing. It is noon now. i stop, with immense gratitude to my Gurudev and the entire Gurumandala. Avadhoota Chintana Shree Gurudeva Datta ~

Divine Love and Light.

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