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Avadhoota Mayamma of Kanyakumari

In the holy shore of Kanyakumari, where the three oceans meet, there once lived a great soul. Some called her Amma, others called her Devi, sages called her Mother of the World. That was Devi Mayamma of Kanyakumari, one of the greatest Avadhootas of recent times. No one knows when Mayamma first appeared on the... Continue Reading →

Avadhoota Sidhappaji of Tattekere

This was our third blessed visit to Avadhoota Siddhappaji of Tattekere. An embodiment of unconditional love. Though stern in his actions and strict with his visitors, he always maintains a regular discipline of always being at work and immersed in divinity at the same time and if not at work, he is immersed in his... Continue Reading →

You know what cost Jesus his life?

His teaching about the external and internal temples. Jesus once entered the temple of God. He found that the place of prayer and meditation had slowly turned into a place of business. He was angered. He rebuked openly the business in the temple. He entered the temple furious on how dare people make business in... Continue Reading →

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